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Cocagne Woman Wins $10,004 on Keno Atlantic
General News - Atlantic Lottery - 01/30/2015
Atlantic Lottery is thrilled to congratulate Shirley Melanson of Cocagne, NB READ MORE

Cambridge Resident Wins Lotto 6/49 Guaranteed $1 Million Prize
General News - Ontario - 01/30/2015
Congratulations to Usha Mehta of Cambridge for winning the Guaranteed $1 Million Prize READ MORE

Thomas Tiko
General News - Arizona - 01/30/2015
Thomas Tiko, Chandler, usually buys Scratchers when he’s shopping at the supermarket. READ MORE

Dream Comes True as $534,000 San Diego Powerball Winner Comes Forward
General News - California - 01/30/2015
Keomarit Sengsavang is a self-proclaimed “super-mega-power lottery player.” READ MORE

Marlene T
General News - Colorado - 01/30/2015
Can you say perfect timing?!? READ MORE

Norwalk Winner Scoops Up $1,000,000 Poerball Windfall Before the Blizzardy Snowfall
General News - Connecticut - 01/30/2015
Just before “Blizzard Colbie” blew in to Connecticut and dumped a significant amount of snowfall Monday, J. Woodward of Norwalk arrived at CT Lottery headquarters ... READ MORE

Chilliwack Maxmillion Winner Plans to Hit the Slopes
General News - British Columbia - 01/30/2015
When Tawny Goldrick saw seven matching numbers and $1,000,000 on the lottery terminal screen his first reaction was laughter and then disbelief READ MORE

A Group Lanaudiere, Monteregie and Montreal is Enriched Through 6/49
General News - Quebec - 01/30/2015
The beginning of 2015 has been successful for a group of Lanaudière, Montérégie and Montreal. READ MORE

$58 Powerball Winning Ticket Turns into $40,000 Powerball With Power Play Win
General News - Delaware - 01/30/2015

$100,000, $35,000 and $20,000 Instant Wins
General News - Rhode Island - 01/23/2015
Kenneth Pelletier of Westport, Mass., said he doesn't typically play Instant Games, but while out to eat at Barcello's Family Restaurant in Tiverton on Saturday, he kept seeing the Instant Ticket vending machine READ MORE

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